SEO & SEM, no it’s not latin, it’s digital marketing, but, Do you really know what is it for?

April 3, 2017

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, optimization work and increasing popularity of a website. Its objective is that the web be trackable by the search engines, that it is indexed correctly and that it shows up in the top positions of the search engines, for example Google.

There are two factors to take into account:

· SEO on page: It includes the actions we perform within our website to optimize it, for example: reduced load time, friendly URLs, a good user experience, etc.

· SEO off page: Actions that serve to increase the popularity of the website, for example, links from other sites.

SEM means Search Engine Marketing, and that is the fundamental difference with SEO, we improve the positioning of our pages by paying for advertising (usually it is paid based on the clicks generated by the ads).

We can differentiate the sponsored pages (SEM) in the search engines, since these pages shown under a label or denomination of “advertisement”, sponsored links or similar, generally the results are in the upper zone, but also we can find them in the lateral and in The bottom of the search page. On the contrary, organic SEO results do not have these kind of tags and are usually found after sponsored ads (SEM).

Here we show you a comparative between the most relevant features of SEO and SEM:

· Keywords (these are the words through which they will look for us in the search engines).

SEO: Unlimited.
SEM: Unlimited.

· What do I have to pay?

SEO: for the optimization work.
SEM: for the visits and for the campaign management.

· How long does it take to get results?

SEO: medium and long term.
SEM: inmediately.

· Can the strategies be changed?

SEO: Yes, although the changes apply slowly.
SEM: Yes, the changes aplly inmediately.

· What visibility does it offer?

SEO: Does not guarantee to reach the first positions.
SEM: It´s possible to reach the top positions.

From Buro, we believe in the importance of these two processes, if you want an immediate visibility, SEM is the most advisable. While with an organic SEO campaign it could take weeks, months to get to the top position, or even fail to arrive. That is why we believe it is fundamental to analyze your business and see which of the two will be most effective depending on the goals you seek, although the combination of both is usually “winning horse.” You will get short, medium and long term results.

If you want to improve your website or create a new one do not forget the importance of all this that we are talking about. Do not forget that internet search engines are the best tool to navigate cyberspace and locate in just seconds any website.

But SEO and SEM are not easy processes… Make sure you have a professional to advise you and help you with the process, and don´t forget to always be updated, the evolution in the digital world goes very fast and it is important to learn and know the latest news, tricks and tools.

From Buro we will be happy to help you. All our online projects are prepared so that the processes of SEO and SEM can be carried out in an optimal and simple way.


“There are no unanswered questions, only badly asked questions.”- Matrix


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