About us

This is Elena and Alonso, this is BURO.
Elena and Alonso makes BURO, a creative studio dedicated to the development of projects framed in the field of communication, graphic design, exhibition and web. Our different professional specialties make BURO a multidisciplinary and heterogeneous study that is nourished by the mixture of knowledge and points of view. We like the design, we like the art, we like nature and above all we like our work.

Librería del Estudio Buro


This is Alonso,
Graphic Designer with more than 15 years of experience in the communication sector, working as creative director in projects both prin and digital, dad an bicicle lover. I like to go out for a walk with Marce and René, the chocolate, jalapeños and Berlin weekends.

Alonso y René disfrutando del entorno del Estudio Buro
Alonso leyendo un libro sobre la tipografía Helvética Alonso con su bicicleta Cannondale SuperSix


This is Elena,
Historian of Art, specializing in design and management of museums and exhibitions, graphic designer and Gala´s Mom. It like to get up early, to have a breakfast with fresh coffee, to cook for my people, and much better to spend my  friday´s night´s with mines.

Elena sobre sus inconfundibles zapatos rojos Elena tomando un respiro en un día de trabajo
Elena inspirándose para afrontar un proyecto